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Better together Embracing differences Loving to heal Serving our city  with no strings attached

Join Us for Worship 10:00 am @
Temple Beth David, PBG, FL

We grow together in four key ways.

Spiritual growth is about caring for our souls and connecting with God in a way that shapes our everyday life. It's about finding God in the simple moments and growing through practices like prayer, meditation, and worship.
Emotional wellness means using resources, support, and connection to find balance and strength in our inner lives. Finding peace, caring for ourselves well, and having healthy relationships.
Building healthy relationships means making authentic connections with safe, supportive people. It's built on good communication, trust, respect, curiosity and appreciation. We support each other and love people well.
Community focus means being here for everyone around us. We partner with the school system, food pantries, social justice organizations, local business, and individuals to make Palm Beach County a wonderful place to live.

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