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About The Gathering Place

Welcome to the Gathering Place! You’ve found us at an exciting time for our faith community. We’re a new church plant located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Officially launching this fall, you’ve found us at the beginning of our journey.

The Gathering Place is a United Methodist Church, and our mission is to extend God’s redeeming love to everyone. With a focus on wellness, we value each individual for their whole selves and want to see them grow and thrive in every aspect of their lives. 

We focus on emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health. We believe that God has called us to live and love now, where we are, and who we are with. So, we’ve put teams in place to make that happen.

Our Focus:


Our Grow Team focuses on providing groups, classes, and resources for personal growth and development, such as the Emotionally Healthy Relationships and Emotionally Healthy Spirituality courses.


Reach is all about outreach and serving our community. This includes volunteering at our schools, supporting local food pantries, and hosting community events like Alpha, Halloween, and Back-To-School Parties.


Our Family Ministry Team supports the entire family unit, including offering free Parents’ Night Out events, a community youth group for teenagers, summer camps, and children’s church on Sunday mornings.

Meet the Team:

Mike Zdorow

Senior Pastor

Hannah Hunter

Director of Digital Reach

Perry West

Director of Technology

Debbie Kelley

Administrative Assistant

Connor Dennis

Worship Coordinator