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Camp Day 2 – Adrenaline

That’s what they seem to be running on today: adrenaline.  In their excitement from Day 1, I am sure they stayed up way too late and got up much earlier than they wanted to.   After all, new friendships needed to be made, and what better place than a cabin at camp? The results were evident, as kids came to breakfast with more smiling faces than when they went off to the cabins the night before.

Today was the first full day of adventure.  They got to get out there and really enjoy two of their “skills.” 


‘Skills’ is just a fancy word for organized activities. 


So far, I have seen kids play ultimate frisbee, gaga ball, archery, volleyball, nine square, dance, canoeing, sailing, and creating ceramics.  I am sure that there is more that I am missing.  Oh yeah, High Ropes! High Ropes and Sailing are two of the activities that kids cannot do until they are at least in middle school, so those are a real bonus to kids who have been in elementary camp in years past.

They are also recognizing the routine of two small groups a day, praise time, as well as a worship service at night.  Here is the rundown of each of those.

  • Small groups:  kids meet in groups of about ten to break down and enhance the lessons that they learn in worship.  Real bonds are created here.
  • Praise time: a raucous event with a live counselor-led band.  The band performs Christian music, and the hope is that kids can start to understand that they can have fun and still enjoy positive messaging.

  • Worship: the camp brings in a pastor for the week for each of the three age groups.  The band opens the worship time, and the pastor takes thirty or so minutes to deliver the next step of the week’s message.  This week:  Love is….

So, what is love?

Love is patient, love is kind.  These are the two virtues that we spoke about in small groups today.  The framework of this lesson was the story of “Jairus and the sick woman” that is found in Mark 5:21-43.  (now go read that!)  Students reflected on how the man showed patience in the face of mortality, and a long-suffering woman was shown kindness.  They were encouraged to see where they need to maybe practice a little more patience, and what kind of effect that could have in their lives.

Also today, the students got to learn about the five different love languages, and how each person is different.  In their small group time, they took a self-evaluation to see what their love language is and how to express it to others.  Here is a quick recap of the five love languages:

  1. Words of Affirmation – you respond the best to praise and encouragement
  2. Acts of Service – you appreciate it when people do things for you, without being asked. 
  3. Gifts – you appreciate receiving a gift or reward for a job well done
  4. Quality Time – you thrive on spending extra time with the people you love and value
  5. Physical Touch – you love a good hug or handshake

Parents, I would encourage you to talk to your child about their love language when they get home; it may make a huge difference in your relationship!

Many Blessings,


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