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At the Gathering Place, people are the priority. We want to be a source of support, community, and love for our area. Family is a HUGE part of this. Events, study groups, game nights and service days are all part of our family ministry.

We know that safety is a huge concern for parents. Everyone who works with our family ministry has passed thorough background checks and are a vetted member of the community. The workers wear Team Member shirts in order to be easily identified and there is a check-in station for children when you first enter the lobby.

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Youth Wednesdays

Our youth meet every Wednesday night at 6 pm and have food, games, and a group lesson/discussion. They meet at 4075 Holly Dr. Palm Beach Gardens. 


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Weekly Recap

Camp Updates!

Camp Day 5 – Closure

Yet, at some point, the labyrinth ends, and you must exit back into the world that you left.
Not unlike the labyrinth, the kids are getting ready to leave camp.
They’ve been in a place of reflection and contemplation at camp, but now it is time to go.

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Camp Day 4 – Messy

Screams of fright and delight from the far field?  A counselor rambling obscure directions of a megaphone that no one is listening to?  That’s right, the day has arrived
Messy Games day!

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Camp Day 3 – Team building

Walk out to the furthest cabins you can find, then keep walking.  Go to a giant field full of blind mosquitoes.  Swat them away and then keep walking.  Go to the tree line, and there you’ll see it:
the Challenge Course entry sign.

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Camp Day 2 – Adrenaline

That’s what they seem to be running on today: adrenaline.  In their excitement from Day 1, I am sure they stayed up way too late and got up much earlier than they wanted to.   After all, new friendships needed to be made, and what better place than a cabin at camp?

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Camp Roundup – Day 1: A Return (Sort of) to Normal.

No, things are not quite yet back to normal, but hints of days-gone-by began to creep in. The usual stop at a Turnpike plaza, the long queue to register only seemed to annoy the adults because the kids were already having fun. Camp was starting to feel a little more normal this year.

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