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Camp Files – Day 1: Let the Party Begin!

We arrived moments before a rainstorm. Checking in at camp during a storm is no fun, but the kids made the best of it, running off to their cabins as the rains lightened sporadically. We brought nineteen students this year, which is the most we’ve had in the last four years. Camp was abuzz as well, with more students than last year too!

Things are finally turning around since Covid. Just in time, too, because this year is the 75th Anniversary of Warren Willis Camp!

As our first full day got underway on Tuesday, the emphasis was clearly on team building. All the groups attacked the Challenge Course, which works on team building, and our small group times made sure we were starting to get to know each other well. Of course, rain settled in, and some kids couldn’t do their “skills,” but those that had them made the most of it! The lake was calm, the coffee was warm, and the gaga pits were ready for use.

As always, one of the things that I (Jon) appreciate about Warren Willis is the attention that they show to worship and small group time. Yes, yes, yes, we play a lot of games, but we have small group sessions twice a day, and each of the age groupings (Elementary, Middle and High) have their own pastors for the week, and we have nightly worship sessions.

Oh, and Praise TIme. Praise Time is a rockin 30 minutes of Christian Worship that gets everyone going!

Last night, our Middle School Pastor, Michael Le Blanc, spoke with the Middle School kids about the story of Elijah and listening for God’s word. He wasn’t in the loud, flashy noises. Rather, God was in the still, small silence. (1 Kings 19:11-13)

One of the best parts of camp is that the students are taken away from all the objects that are loud and flashy in their lives. Here, they can experience more of the silence that can bring them closer to God. Camp is a special place for Michael Le Blanc for, as he told the middle school kids last night, it was at church camp where he first heard God moving him to be a pastor.
In the still silence.

Thank you for letting me bring your kids to camp this year!

Jon Deyling
Family Ministry Director

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