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Camp Files – Day 3: Here for Each Other

Thursday is when it happens. Every year, like clockwork. Fatigue. After two full days of activities on camp, kids finally hit the wall where they are a lot more tired and a bit more sore. Too much sun, too much ultimate frisbee, too much praise time.

With the current state of our digital world, all of this physical activity is more than they are used to, and it’s great that they get to experience this here. Well, everyone except the Elementary kids; they never seem to run out of energy!

I know it sounds weird that I’m happy that they are exhausted. I promise, I don’t enjoy it when they are tired and grumpy because, yes, tired usually comes along with grumpy. The little bit of extra attitude isn’t my favorite, either. I’m happy that they are tired, because now they can experience what it’s like to lean on other people to get by.

Our kids can get so isolated at home, that they think that they can navigate their world themselves. Only once you reach your limits do you realize that you need other people to get by. We all have that one plucky friend who is always full of energy; this is the time we need them!

When they finally experience this deeper need for support, it opens up the window for God to step in and help. Once you realize that no, you cannot do this on your own, the best alternative presents itself. Through God, we can see that we can do so much more than on our own.

Maybe that’s why so many church slogans invoke Phillippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength! We need to get these kids to realize that their lives can be so much more fulfilling when they allow Christ to enter their lives! Once they realize that they can get support, people are more likely to give support, which is the focus of our small groups today: helping fill one another up!

Our Bible lesson comes from John 21: 10-17, where the disciples encounter the risen Christ. Three times, Jesus asks Peter “do you love me,” and three times Peter gave an affirmative answer. And three times, Jesus replied
to him “Feed my lambs,” “Tend my sheep,” and “Feed my sheep.”

Jesus knew that the people would need help in His absence, and the apostles needed to be there to give it. We, as God’s people, need to also “feed His sheep” in this world, and we don’t have to look very far to see
where people are who need help.

Come Friday, the parties and camp time will be over, but there is plenty of work to be done.


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