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Mission Trip Journal  – Day 3, 2023

Mission Trip Journal – Day 3

God is Forgiveness  

Wednesdays are just the worst. In particular, Wednesdays on mission trips are just the worst. It’s day three of work with improper sleep, and you just cannot seem to see Friday being the end. Tempers typically run high after a few days of being around the same people. And, to make it worse this year, Cape Coral had a nice surprise for us….. The Heat Index.

105. The Heat Index was 105.

The kids really pushed through some sweltering conditions to get so much needed help for the church AND the community. Grace Church has an incoming pastor for Illinois, and we helped unload his moving truck, much to the delight of the movers who were going to do it, and then we helped him move into his office. The last thing we did for Grace Church was to paint the outside
trim of their Connections center, as the new roof has been put in.

For those off-site, one of our groups went out to help rebuild a deck and the ramp to it for a parishioner who desperately needed it. The other group went out to get some new blue tarps put on another parishioner’s house. Her metal roof was aging and leaking, a new roof is on the way but won’t be here until September, so we did what we could to help. It was blazing hot!

The lesson tonight was about “God is Forgiveness.” Whether you are a teenager looking to find your way, or a 70-year old who has lived a long life of regrets, God is there waiting to forgive you and welcome you into His embrace. Everywhere we go this week, we find people who are so appreciative of what Grace Church is doing in the community. They know that this church is a home where they can experience true forgiveness and love.

Grace and Peace, and Stay Frosty!
Family Ministry Director

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