Our 4 Focus Projects:

Our Schools

We work to support the families and teachers in our schools, investing in both people and our community.

Palm Beach Gardens Elementary School

Cros Ministries

CROS Ministries serves the hungry in Palm Beach and Martin Counties through community collaborations.

Punta de la Sierra

The Gathering Place is honored to get to support our sister church in Punta de la Sierra, Cuba. 


We’re dedicated to ministering to our global brothers and sisters in the faith. Since we have a very personal connection to the Ukraine, in response to the ongoing crisis in the region, we are partnering with the UMC of Florida to support and lift up the local church and people of the Ukraine.

Our Mission

Supporting local needs impacting our communities.

We help our neighbors whether they are near or far. Our missions provide much needed serving, ongoing help, and comfort to some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Our missions are a great way to get involved in a deep and meaningful way.